We Assume He Had Factor V Leiden: Landon’s Story

We Assume He Had Factor V Leiden: Landon’s Story

As told by his sister, Kenzie

We made a family trip from Texas to Colorado at the end of July 2022, which is an 8-9 hour drive.

Landon had asthma that was triggered by cedar. Since the trip, he had some allergy symptoms but associated that with the cedar.

On August 5, 2022, my brother went to urgent care with difficulty breathing, very low oxygen, and chest pain. His oxygen levels were in the lower/mid 80s, but he was sent home with a diagnosis of pneumonia and two antibiotics.

On August 7, he couldn’t walk down the sidewalk without profusely sweating and getting completely out of breath. We all linked it to pneumonia that he had been diagnosed with two days prior.

He wasn’t any better but not necessarily worse by the following day Monday, August 8. That evening, his symptoms were significantly worse. An ambulance was called, and he passed away on the way to the ER.

An autopsy was completed and we were informed he passed from a pulmonary embolism. Landon was only 35 years old.

A few days after Landon passed, one of our great uncles informed the family of his recent diagnosis with factor V Leiden. I went to get tested and was also positive for homozygous factor v Leiden. My father, aunt, great-uncles, and cousins have all tested positive since. We assume Landon also had factor V Leiden.

It’s important to educate yourself, even if you don’t think it applies to you. Know the symptoms of blood clots, spread the word, and advocate for yourself when you feel a diagnosis is off. It can save your life or that of a loved one!


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