Volunteer Spotlights

At the National Blood Clot Alliance, we are extremely fortunate to have incredible volunteers who help us raise funds to support our mission and also help us to get the word out about the risks, signs, and symptoms of dangerous blood clots.

The majority of people who connect with our organization do so after they have experienced a clot or suffered the loss of a close friend or family member. Through their efforts to plan community fundraisers, share their stories, and engage with NBCA on its social media channels, volunteers play an important role in contributing to improved awareness about blood clots by sharing this crucial information with their own network of family and friends. Dangerous blood clots do not discriminate. They can affect anyone, and our volunteers help us expand awareness of this important message.

Each month we will feature the story of an NBCA volunteer who has made a difference to our organization and shares in our passion for supporting our mission to reduce the number of lives lost to blood clots and clotting disorders.

If you are interested in getting involved with NBCA, please e-mail Tarin Patrikis at tpatrikis@stoptheclot.org.

Previous Volunteers

February 2019: Allie Huffstutler and Christina Florence
January 2019: Yakinsha Coles, Christina Nelson, and Latasha Bennett
December 2018: Mary Argilagos, Julie Butterworth, Ann McAvinn & Heather Meehan
November 2018: Tara Goode
October 2018: Mimi MacKinnon
September 2018: Facebook Friends throughout the USA
August 2018: Chris Menjou
July 2018: Megan and Doug Sloyer
June 2018: Sara Wassenaar, DDS
May 2018: Peter Kouides, MD
April 2018: Michael Streiff, MD
March 2018: Donna Brovdender
February 2018: Charlie Whitfield
January 2018: The Sorace Family
December 2017: Ann and Peter McAvinn
November 2017: Ben and Kara King
October 2017: Phil Kean
September 2017: Denise Englert
August 2017: Dan Flanagan
July 2017: Alison Sneag
June 2017: Vic Koziura
May 2017: Lisa Scott
April 2017: Roland Varga

Current News

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The FUVID Study

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