Guidelines for Story Submission

NBCA is frequently asked to share the stories or first-hand accounts of people’s experiences with blood clots. At times, admittedly, the influx of these stories outpace our ability to keep up, which we think is a true testament to the widespread impact of blood clots and blood clotting disorders. Further, our own website metrics clearly demonstrate that these personal stories are among the most sought after pieces of information here, or that they are more widely viewed than many other pages on the site.

On our Patient Stories page, you’ll find story after story reflecting the personal experiences, words, and emotions of men, women, and children of all ages and race. These stories reflect the diversity of our community, and they point to the inarguable fact that blood clots do not discriminate. Blood clots affect people from all walks of life, making them truly of concern to everyone. That’s why we think these patient stories are so popular. More importantly, however, we think that people gravitate toward these stories because they resonate in a way that causes people to quickly realize that they are not alone, or that there are others who have walked the same path or had the same fears, worries, and concerns.

It is our greatest hope that people who are affected by blood clots will read through these stories and come to realize a greater sense of community — a community to which we all belong and a community focused on the spectrum of needs and challenges that go hand-in-hand with blood clots and clotting disorders. Here, in their own words and through their own stories, NBCA hopes to empower people to pivot from their fears, worries, and concerns, and to move forward much better informed by the personal perspectives that are being shared. Stop the Clot — that’s the call-to-action of our community — and we hope to connect with you or see your story here soon.

Guidelines for Writing Your Story

If you are interested in sharing your personal experience, please use the guidelines below to help draft a story that you can submit to NBCA for consideration. Your story should be about your personal experience with blood clots or clotting disorders. This does not mean that you must have either condition — your story may reflect the way  blood clots have affected your child, partner, friend, parent, sibling, or another person close to you. You will be asked to sign a consent form, giving NBCA permission to post your story to its website, if your story is accepted for publication. Specifically, NBCA’s guidelines for story development are:

  1. Please aim to make two to three key points in your story. It’s up to you to convey your message clearly.
  2. Please keep your story under 500 words. You are certainly welcome to share your story in fewer words.
  3. Please write a clear beginning, middle, and end to your story, so that the reader can follow along with relative ease.
  4. Please include the risk factors, if any, that may have contributed to your blood clotting experience (e.g., estrogen-based birth control, long haul travel, surgery, hospitalization).
  5. How has your experience with blood clots changed you or your lifestyle, if at all?
  6. What have you learned since the illness came into your life? Have any NBCA resources or services been valuable to you as you have learned more about or dealt with the impact of your blood clot experience?
  7. If you have a clotting disorder, such as Factor V Leiden, for example, have your family members been tested? If so, what was learned from these test results?
  8. If you were to give advice to others, what would it be?
  9. Please do not share personal medical information that could impact your employment or other aspects of your personal life.
  10. Please include your contact information: Name, address, phone number and e-mail address. We also suggest that you share a photo with us to accompany your story.

Submit your story to us by email at

Given the high number of stories we receive, please anticipate that it may take up to three months for your story to post to our website. We will always give you a fair assessment of your projected publication date. If you previously submitted a story to us and you have yet to be contacted by us regarding it’s publication date, please e-mail your name and the date you first submitted your story for consideration to

Important Note: NBCA’s Patient Stories are presently published in blog format, with the most recent stories appearing at the top. We encourage you to explore the many pages of stories housed on our site, where we’re sure you’ll stumble upon one or more that speaks to you, or resonates with your own personal experience. NBCA will be categorizing these stories soon. In the meantime, if you are looking for your story or a story that you know was previously posted here, simply type in the person’s name in the search bar and the story will pop up for you. Check back in the future, when we plan to have our stories — nearly 200 of them — categorized for you.

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