Caregivers play a critical role in your blood clot recovery. Caregivers provide an additional layer of support and can help advocate for your care. Consider asking your caregiver to accompany you to doctor’s appointments. They may think of additional questions to ask your medical provider, can assist with notetaking during appointments, identify potential care gaps, and can help you rehabilitate at home. Caregivers play a valuable role and can help you heal, both physically and mentally.


  • New Patient Resource Guide
    • This is an important resource to better understand what a blood clot is, the recovery timeline, treatment options, who should be on the patient’s medical team, and valuable NBCA resources.
  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor
    • NBCA created a comprehensive list of questions a patient might want to ask after being diagnosed. You can pick out the questions from the list that feel the most important to you and go through them with someone on the patient’s healthcare team.
  • Blood Clot Support Group
    • Caregivers and patients are welcomed to join our Facebook Support Group.
  • PEP Talk: Patients Educating Patients
    • PEP Talk is a virtual patient support group held once a month to answer some questions post-diagnosis. All meetings are recorded and you can watch past PEP Talks.

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