NBCA VTE Centers of Excellence

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NBCA VTE Center of Excellence is a new designation highlighting healthcare institutions that combine excellence in clinical outcomes with the NBCA emphasis on patient education and post-hospitalization patient care for both deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) patients, also known as venous thromboembolism, or VTE. (DVT+PE=VTE) 

Why Become an NBCA VTE Center of Excellence? 

1. Clinical excellence: NBCA VTE Centers of Excellence consistently deliver superior clinical outcomes, ensuring the highest standard of care for patients with VTE. 

2. Patient-centric approach: From diagnosis to post-hospitalization care, patients receive personalized attention and comprehensive education, empowering them in their journey towards recovery. 

3. Community engagement: NBCA VTE Centers of Excellence are committed to community education, spreading awareness about VTE prevention and treatment to improve outcomes for all. 

NBCA VTE Centers of Excellence

Corewell Health™ Grand Rapids Hospitals – Butterworth Hospital

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Corewell Health Grand Rapids Hospitals – Butterworth Hospital is the inaugural NBCA VTE Center of Excellence. Learn more

NBCA VTE Centers of Excellence Review Process

Our institutional review process is streamlined to facilitate a thorough evaluation to include: an interest form (completed by the institution), a site visit, and a post-assessment decision (NBCA team). Below you will find the high-level framework for a VTE Center of Excellence designation. 

1. Dedicated education and awareness of VTE in the clinical setting throughout the institution.

  • Clinicians
  • Clinical staff
  • Departments

2. Algorithms to assist assessing risk (defined risk stratification), work up, and options for intervention which are supported by standardized workflows and dedicated VTE care.

3. Multi-disciplinary and administrative support of pathways/programs.

4. Ability to offer specialized consultation and/or intervention including medical management, CDT (mechanical and/or thrombolysis, surgical embolectomy, ECMO support.

5. Imaging protocols for PE and DVT, both for scanning and reporting.

6. PE and DVT prophylaxis and risk stratification as standard of care.

7. Guidelines/protocols and/or referrals for follow up if PE or DVT diagnosis is made.

8. Quality monitoring for programmatic success with established tracked metrics; oversight and regular reviews by VTE leadership team.

9. Facilitated consult process or PERT notification for multi-disciplinary evaluation for PE and DVT with specialty ownership of care.

10. Meets volume established for DVT and PE identification/intervention.

11. Outreach and community awareness of program through a comprehensive strategy.

12. Internal VTE committee that meets regularly and discusses program/cases.

13. Research

  • Involvement of learners: residents, fellows, medical students, or APP students
  • Active data tracking
  • Dedication to furthering knowledge and innovation in VTE

14. VTE coordinator/navigator or equivalent position to assist with patient care during episode of care, post-discharge communication, and participate in community outreach efforts.

15. Established standard of care (risk stratification, intervention criteria, and post care) amongst interventional departments including follow up.

16. Data analyst that extracts VTE data from hospital electronic medical records and reports them within three months from discharge/date of service to VTE stakeholders.

Become an NBCA VTE Center of Excellence

Is your healthcare institution dedicated to delivering exceptional care and patient education? We offer institutions the option to apply for the VTE, PE, or DVT Center of Excellence designation. To nominate a healthcare institution to be an NBCA VTE Centers of Excellence, please complete the form below.

For more information on NBCA VTE Center of Excellence, please email: NBCAVTECOE@stoptheclot.org

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NBCA VTE Centers of Excellence Interest Form

Please use this form to nominate a hospital or healthcare institution for the National Blood Clot Alliance VTE Centers of Excellence.

  • (e.g. doctor, nurse, administrator)
  • (e.g. hematology, interventional radiology, pulmonology)

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