Chloe’s Advocacy in her Grandfather’s Memory

Chloe’s Advocacy in her Grandfather’s Memory

May Volunteer of the Month

After Chloe’s grandfather died of a blood clot, she felt inspired to spread awareness. So, she chose blood clots as her topic for her 6th grade health fair, creating visuals and an oral presentation to educate her peers.  

This was a healing journey for Chloe. By sharing potentially life-saving information about the signs and symptoms of blood clots as well as the resources available from the National Blood Clot Alliance, she is working to prevent others from experiencing what her family has endured.  

“If I brought awareness to one person that would be great!” she said. “I don’t want anyone else to lose someone they love to a blood clot.” 

Chloe, thank you for raising awareness and congratulations on being named National Blood Clot Alliance’s Volunteer of the Month!  

Interested in spearheading a fundraiser or awareness initiative? Reach out to Julia Thompson at jthompson@stoptheclot.org for more information.   

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