Milia Dawes Raises Blood Clot Awareness in Memory of her Mother

Milia Dawes Raises Blood Clot Awareness in Memory of her Mother

Serving her community was a big part of who Leah Dawes was. Helping young people and making the world a better place for them to grow was her focus.
Leah, a senior training specialist at PECO in Philadelphia, volunteered with the PECO Explorers program, teaching leadership skills to children across the city. As a member of the Upper Darby School Board, Leah was known for her empathy, humor, and outspoken nature.
In November 2020, Leah underwent surgery to remove a cyst in her breast. Tragically, Leah developed blood clots following her surgery and died of a pulmonary embolism on March 6, 2021. She had just turned 45 years old.
After this devastating loss, Leah’s 20-year-old daughter, Milia, wanted to take meaningful action in her mother’s memory, as Leah would have done.
Milia arrived at the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) with a purpose—to raise awareness about the condition that claimed her mother’s life. She reached out to Leah’s employer, PECO, and helped to organize a webinar that educated 235 employees about the signs and symptoms of blood clots. Milia’s heartfelt storytelling during the webinar left a lasting impression.
Milia’s efforts didn’t stop there. She encouraged PECO employees to donate to NBCA in her mother’s memory and raised more than $1,500.
Milia’s dedication, supported by PECO’s leadership, brought positive change out of a heartbreaking event. She not only honored her mother’s memory but also raised awareness among her colleagues, possibly preventing others from Leah’s fate.
Milia, we’re deeply grateful for your efforts, and we’re thrilled to name you NBCA’s September Volunteer of the Month.
Interested in spearheading a fundraiser or awareness initiative? Contact tpatrikis@stoptheclot.org for more information.   

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