Hannah Lipton Found Activism Through Trauma

Hannah Lipton Found Activism Through Trauma

Last year, Hannah Lipton of Columbus, Ohio gave birth to her first child. During a time that was supposed to be joyous, Hannah instead faced multiple complications, including a bilateral pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis.

This experience set her on a path of advocacy, and she found her way to the National Blood Clot Alliance. She underwent training to become a Community Thrombassador and poured herself into raising blood clot awareness.

In 2022 and 2023, Hannah put together in-person teams for NBCA’s 5K Race to Stop the Clot Fun Run, to raise awareness about blood clots, and more than $3,500 in total funds!

“The 5K I hosted with family and friends was an absolute blast,” Hannah said. “We had friends complete their 5Ks wherever and however they wished, encouraged them to wear red, send photos, spread blood clot awareness, and then donate if they were interested. I can’t wait to grow this event year after year to help raise awareness.”

This year, Hannah also partnered with a local business to organize a yoga flow event where she educated the group about blood clots and even raised $750 to support NBCA programs.

In August 2023, Hannah organized an informational table at a Babies and Bumps event, where she helped educate new and expecting moms about their risk for developing blood clots during pregnancy, childbirth, and up to three months postpartum.

Hannah actively seeks out new ways to spread blood clot awareness. In November, she appeared on the Birth Trauma Mama podcast, where she shared her blood clot story with listeners.

Hannah’s accomplishments reflect her passion for the cause and her ability to mobilize support within her community. We admire Hannah for turning a traumatic experience into meaningful activism, and we’re happy to name her our December Volunteer of the Month!

Interested in spearheading a fundraiser or awareness initiative? Contact tpatrikis@stoptheclot.org for more information.   

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