I Beat the Odds: Kyle’s Story

I Beat the Odds: Kyle’s Story

I experienced deep vein thrombosis during my senior year of college that turned into a pulmonary embolism, which derailed my college baseball career.

My symptoms included shortness of breath, leg swelling, calf pain and fatigue. Upon being rushed into the ICU due to the size of my clot and severity of the PE, I was given a less than 10% chance of survival.

I vividly remember waking up to 18 surgeons at the foot of my hospital bed arguing about what could be done as if I wasn’t there. They agreed that they wanted to conduct an experimental procedure but needed me to sign a waiver.

I looked the head surgeon in his eyes and told him I wasn’t going to be their guinea pig and refused to sign the surgery waiver.

It was then said that being a young college athlete, there was a possibility that my body could recover on its own. I never thought I was going to see my 22nd birthday, walk across the stage at graduation, and much less ever wear a baseball uniform again. Needless to say I was able to beat those odds!

It was a difficult road to recovery physically, mentally, and emotionally. It took a lot of grit and perseverance but I’m proud to say I’m a blood clot survivor!

I hope my story helps inspire others to not let others define their life and to not lose hope even when the odds are against you.


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