NBCA’s e-Magazine

NBCA’s e-Magazine

NBCA is excited to share its new e-magazine – Personal Perspectives: My Blood Clot, My Life – during Blood Clot Awareness Month 2019.  This inaugural issue of NBCA’s new e-magazine is intended to recognize and celebrate blood clot survivors, and the diverse experiences of the VTE community as a whole. The editorial emphasis of this digital magazine is focused on VTE recovery and lifestyle issues, and addresses a spectrum of issues of significance to people who have experienced a blood clot, as well as their families and caregivers.

Please view and flip through our new digital magazine here:  Personal Perspectives: My Blood Clot, My Life


To download a PDF version of NBCA’s e-magazine click here: Personal Perspectives: My Blood Clot, My Life.

Contact NBCA’s Communications & Health Marketing Department at info@stoptheclot.org with questions or for more information.

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