With Gratitude, Optimism is Sustainable: Todd’s Story

With Gratitude, Optimism is Sustainable: Todd’s Story

In 2011, I suffered the first of six blood clots. This was the start of my new life and a wake-up call heard loud and clear.

Little did I know during in the early days about the connection that would surface dating back to the day I lost my only parent, my mother, to a sudden-death pulmonary embolism in 1984 while trying to get her to the hospital. She was just 43. I was a young man and suddenly alone.

I suffered a few more incidents of deep vein thrombosis after warfarin failed to stop abnormal clotting. It was about this time that I was tested for clotting disorders. This was also when I could connect the dots back to my moms death. I was factor V Leiden positive and homozygous. I had not only inherited it from my mother, but my “never around” father also. This made me very aggressive as far as abnormal clotting.

That said, it took 45+ years for me to finally clot, but once the clot train started to roll, my blood just kept wanting to clot, and quickly. After finally having to bail on warfarin, I was moved to rivaroxaban just after FDA approval.

Except for a pulmonary embolism due to medical error in 2017, rivaroxaban has keep me clot-free for more than a decade. The PE was the result of keeping me off my DOAC for too long for a colonoscopy. When you are homozygous FVL and have already had five clots, stopping for three days with no bridge was a mistake. I clotted in 72 hours. I take part of the blame. I admit that I should have been a better self advocate, caught that red flag and called them out.  But, lesson learned, and it has help make me who I am today.

Now I am in the best shape and fitness of my life at 60. This entire ordeal has made me a better self advocate. It has also steered me to help others and raise awareness.

Today I mountain bike through the woods and I am a certified canoe and kayak instructor. Nature bathing is my go-to. I am fully recovered and living the dream. “With gratitude, optimism is sustainable.”


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