Listen To Your Body: Mariah’s Story

Listen To Your Body: Mariah’s Story

I was 25 when I was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism.

When I first noticed something was abnormal I was getting off from work and I saw significant swelling in my leg below the knee to the tip of my toes. My calf was so large that my pants were too tight for my legs. I could barely stand or put any weight on my foot and struggled to walk to my car.

I had been working out in the previous weeks, so I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle. That same night, I went to a medical clinic. They took X-rays and gave me a steroid shot, hoping that it was a pulled muscle. The X-rays didn’t show any signs of damage.

They instructed me to go to the hospital first thing in the morning if there were no changes. At 7 a.m. the next day, I went to get checked out. Once I saw the doctor, he immediately narrowed the symptoms down to two things because of the location of the swelling: a torn Achilles tendon or blood clot. I immediately went to have an ultrasound on my leg.

As we watched the screen, we saw this large gray blob staring back at us. Front and center, a blood clot. I was instructed not to move and to wait in my wheelchair until admissions came to get me.

This was extremely life-changing and painful. I went from very active to a couch potato. I had no idea of how fatal this condition was.
From what my doctors told me, this was a side effect of the birth control I was taking.

In addition to taking my prescribed blood thinners, I also incorporated other approaches like daily hot water soaks, excluding dairy from my diet, and increasing fresh fruits and vegetables along with specific vitamins to boost my immune system. It has been a total of eight years, and I have been able to do everything I wanted to do. I have a new outlook on life.

I decided to pursue my dreams of being a flight attendant, and I have been flying for a year and a half. I always take precautions such as wearing compression sleeves and hose on every flight, hot water soaks, and an efficient amount of rest.

I strive to keep going while listening closely to my body and giving myself what I need to be fully functional.

My advice is to listen to your body. Do not wait until you are immobilized. I went to two different healthcare facilities in 12 hours. If I had waited any longer, I would not be here today to tell you my story.


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