Bullying Led to Blood Clots: Jessica’s Story

Bullying Led to Blood Clots: Jessica’s Story

Jessica Stanley experienced physical trauma after a bullying incident in high school, from which she developed blood clots in her left leg and lungs. After taking a year off, she was proud to finish her senior year, and is now a blood clot survivor in her early 20s.

My name is Jessica Stanley. Six years ago, at age 15, I was a victim of high school bullying, when I was attacked from behind and thrown to the ground, so could not defend myself.  Some time after, I felt short of breath and noticed a pain in my side.  I went to the ER because my left leg became swollen, and a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) was found that leg.  Two days l later, they found a pulmonary embolism (PE), a blood clot in my lung.

At first, they tried to break up the clots in my lungs, but that did not work, so I was then started on injections of low molecular weight heparin, and was hospitalized for nine days. I received a blood transfusion, because of blood loss from the trauma. Some members of my family have factor V Leiden, but I tested negative for it, although I tested positive for the MTHFR gene.  I was also taking a third generation birth control pill, which added to my risk, and which I stopped. My doctor advised a progestin-only injection as another means of birth control after my blood clots.

I was switched to Coumadin only when I went home, but I was unable to attend junior year of high school, because I did not want to be a victim of repeat bullying, especially due to the risk of bleeding associated with blood thinners. I wore compression stockings, and I was able to stop blood thinners after a year, which made my day.  My lungs were clear of blood clots, and the clot in my leg was calcified.

What I learned is it is important to know symptoms of DVT and PE and know your body, and that clots can form after a traumatic injury.  Blood clots are dangerous and can kill.  I am grateful that I could complete my senior year in 2009, because it I did not want to miss it, homecoming, or the prom.  I enjoyed it all and made lots of significant memories.

I am now 21, and my lungs are fine. I still have some swelling in my left leg where the DVT was, but I am used to it.  I am better now, although my experience with bullying and blood clots changed my life.  Now that I feel better, I am grateful to God and to the doctors and nurses for the wonderful care they gave me.

Take Home Messages

  • Trauma can cause blood clots
  • Blood clots can happen in a high school age person, although they are not common
  • Birth control pills add to risk
  • Progestin only birth control carries reduced risk
  • Compression stockings may help treat DVT

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