Protect Your Health During Cancer Treatment

Protect Your Health During Cancer Treatment

Today, the National Blood Clot Alliance, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, kicked off the next phase of their widely acclaimed Stop the Clot, Spread the Word® campaign, with an important focus on blood clot risk reduction among people with cancer or people who are receiving cancer treatment.

Blood clots affect 900,000 people in the United States every year, and 1 in 5 blood clots are due to cancer and some of its treatments. While anyone can develop blood clots, blood clots are a leading cause of death among people with cancer. The risk of a dangerous blood clot is greatest in the first few months after cancer is diagnosed. Blood clots are treatable, and early diagnosis and treatment can reduce complications of blood clots, including death.

The newest resources made available through the Stop the Clot, Spread the Word® campaign provide information that will help people work with their healthcare providers to assess their risk, recognize signs and symptoms, and take steps to prevent blood clots if they have been diagnosed with cancer or are undergoing cancer treatment. These resources include a video, infographic, and web-based educational tools such as a risk factors list and signs and symptoms list.

You can read about the introduction of this next phase of this program here: Press release.

You can see all of the Stop the Clot, Spread the Word® collateral focused on cancer and blood clot risks at www.stoptheclot.org/spreadtheword/cancer.