Giving Tuesday 2023

Giving Tuesday 2023

November 28, 2023

Download our Giving Tuesday 2023 Toolkit.

You are the heart of our community. Your story ignites change. Your support fuels our mission.

About Giving Tuesday

Since its inception in 2012, Giving Tuesday has grown into a global generosity movement, bringing people together to celebrate kindness and make a positive impact. This Giving Tuesday, the National Blood Clot Alliance is celebrating YOU. It’s your voice, your story, and your support that drives our mission forward.

So far this year, YOUR voice, YOUR story, and YOUR tireless efforts moved mountains. Your advocacy helped support legislative milestones like the inclusion of dedicated blood clot language in the 2023 Senate appropriations bill for the first time in history, urging the CDC to develop a comprehensive, nationwide blood clot education and awareness campaign.

Despite these achievements, more work needs to be done to prevent this deadly disease. Awareness of the signs and symptoms is unacceptably low. More than 100,000 lives are still being lost each year in the U.S to blood clots. With your continued support on Giving Tuesday, we can create an even larger ripple effect in 2024, spreading blood clot awareness to communities – both urban and rural – nationwide, and ultimately saving lives.

How to Make an Impact

1. Raise Funds: Create a personalized fundraising page and tell us why YOU support the mission at NBCA. Make sure to share your fundraiser with family and friends!

2. Sign up to Volunteer: Share your plans for a blood clot awareness initiative on our website and let us know what YOU are doing in your community to help raise blood clot awareness.

Your Giving Tuesday Support Can…

  • Empower individuals to recognize the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of blood clots.
  • Fuel community events to engage at-risk populations.
  • Ensure life-saving information reaches everyone, regardless of location or resources.

Let’s work together to Stop the Clot this Giving Tuesday!

Download our Giving Tuesday 2023 Toolkit. 

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About the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA)

NBCA is the leading nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to building awareness and community among individuals affected by blood clots. Our efforts, alongside the support of the blood clot community, have led to increased congressional support for advancing blood clot education, awareness, and funding to improve patient outcomes and care on the local and national fronts. But we need your help to amplify our collective voices even louder in 2024.

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