Every Day Since My Diagnosis Has Been Challenging: Mymoena’s Story

Every Day Since My Diagnosis Has Been Challenging: Mymoena’s Story

I was working in the chemistry lab when suddenly I experienced a sharp, stabbing pain in my lower back that caused me to fall to the ground.

I was rushed to the nearest hospital and, after some tests, I was sent home with the diagnosis of muscle spasms.

From that day onwards, the pain in my back persisted and got worse. The pain and discomfort were mainly in my upper back, near my right shoulder. A few days later, I went to my GP and was prescribed some antibiotics.

Three days passed and my symptoms got worse, with shortness of breath becoming more prevalent and back pain persisting. I decided to go to the hospital and was finally diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolism and pneumonia.

In terms of risk factors, I have a family history of blood clots and also tested positive for protein S deficiency.

Every day since my diagnosis has been challenging. My mental health has been affected. I am grateful for my supportive friends and family and a patient and understanding partner.

I have faith that I will recover and I hope that sharing my story raises awareness and inspires others to do the same.


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