I Live With the Pain of Taking Deep Breaths: Celeste’s Story

I Live With the Pain of Taking Deep Breaths: Celeste’s Story

In April 2020, I had been feeling sick and brushed it off as allergies. Due to COVID, I had a telehealth visit and was diagnosed with bronchitis.

After four months of a lingering cough, I started to have a hard time breathing while doing the most menial things. Standing became so trying.

I finally went into the ER. Right before being released with a pneumonia diagnosis, the doctors found more in my CT scan: I had a massive pulmonary embolism in my right lung. The clot was so large it was blocking blood flow to my heart.

I had an emergency thrombectomy to break the clot up. Because of the PE paired with pneumonia, we found that my lung was partially dead, which is known as infarction.

In terms of risk factors, I had been taking hormonal birth control and I had a sedentary job. I was also later diagnosed with factor V Leiden.

Three years later, I live with the pain of taking deep breaths, but I am thankful to be alive. I’ve lost 70+ pounds and work on my health every day!


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