Top Moments of 2020

Top Moments of 2020

This past year gave way to many notable moments for the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA), as we expanded several of our most valuable programs and services to reach even more patients needing information and support. Here are NBCA’s top moments of 2020:

  • In partnership with the University of Oklahoma, NBCA received an award through an Association of University Centers on Disabilities-Centers for Disease Control cooperative agreement to facilitate and advance research into blood clots as a complication of COVID-19. NBCA’s Medical & Scientific Advisory Board (MASAB) hopes to fill that gap in knowledge by coalescing data being collected across the U.S. into a central repository for information about COVID-related blood clots so that experts can begin to hone the most effective treatment regimens and best practices.
  • As part of our COVID-19 grant work, we also unveiled a crucial new online resource to provide new knowledge and information about the association between COVID-19 and the development of blood clots to higher risk populations, the general public, and healthcare professionals through educational materials: COVID-19 and Blood Clotting.
  • We expanded our work with the Rowan Foundation, and our Women & Blood Clots program, by delivering potentially life-saving information about estrogen-based birth control and blood clot risks directly into the hands of the young women who need it most.
  • We expanded our Stop the Clot® Online Support Community this year, the only online support group of its kind, which now has more than 7,000 online members.
  • We unveiled the second edition of our annual e-Magazine – Personal Perspectives: My Blood Clot, My Life – as a resource for people recovering from blood clots and their families. The e-Magazine is a recipient of the 2020 Graphic Design USA Health + Wellness Design Award.
  • We introduced the NBCA Sports and Wellness Institute, a resource designed specifically for amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike to return to healthy, active lifestyles after surviving blood clots. We also launched a webstore featuring official Stop the Clot® gear.
  • We welcomed Linda D. Wilkinson on board as NBCA’s new Executive Director.
  • We added several new leadership roles to our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, including the appointment of Dr. Alok Khorana as Chair, and Board of Directors and Officers.

Our work would not be possible without your ongoing support and dedication to our mission, which add depth and breath to our efforts. As we head into the new year together, we at NBCA – our Board of Directors, our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board members, and our staff – remain committed to providing you with essential tools and resources, as well as news, updates, and information to support you and keep you informed about blood clots, clotting conditions, treatments, and prevention.

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