Board of Directors and Officers

Eric O’Connor

Eric O’Connor, Board President

Eric O’Connor is a family man, marathon runner and the Chief Marketing Officer at, which provides an Innovation On-Demand Platform. By looking at him, you could never tell that in 2011 he survived a nearly fatal dance with pulmonary embolisms. Eric is no stranger to deadly diseases. At a young age he contracted and beat hepatitis C, and at 17 traveled the country speaking to physicians and lawmakers on behalf of the American Liver Foundation.

As a volunteer he has provided leadership for NBCA in developing a highly dynamic new website and the strategic direction for social media outreach to advance NBCA’s educational mission. Eric has a BA in marketing from Drake University and currently resides in Chicago, IL, where he and his wife raise their three young sons.

Joe HarouniJoe Harouni, Board Vice President

Joe Harouni is a digital strategy and  commerce consultant with Deloitte Digital.

During his junior year of college, Joe was hospitalized due to pain in his chest and fluid in his lungs. Joe recovered but the hospital was unable to determine the cause of the issue. It was not until months later, during a routine check-up, that a doctor was able to piece together the puzzle and determine that he had developed a clot in his leg weeks before suffering from a pulmonary embolism. Joe is committed to raising the awareness of clots among the public and among healthcare professionals.

Joe has a BS in Computer Science from Washington & Lee University and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his partner Dori and their dog and cat.

Amaris WhiteAmaris White, Board Treasurer

Amaris White is a corporate lawyer in New York City.

Amaris was traveling in Southeast Asia when she suffered a massive deep vein thrombosis from her left ankle to nearly her heart, and multiple pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. After learning more about clots, she learned that she could have easily died, but that she also could have easily avoided this entire ordeal had she had greater awareness. She is now determined to help raise public awareness of blood clots so that others may avoid the same fate.

Amaris has a B.S. in Business Administration and B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and a J.D. from Columbia Law School.

Kay HolcombeKay Holcombe, Board Secretary

Kay Holcombe is Senior Vice President for Science Policy, BIO, the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Prior to that, she was a Senior Policy Advisor at the Genzyme Corporation, a subsidiary of the Sanofi Healthcare Company. Her background as a lobbyist extends beyond her current position. Previously she was Vice President of Policy Directions Inc., a government relations firm specializing in strategic planning and legislative and regulatory advocacy regarding healthcare and related issues.

In addition to this she has held leadership positions on a long list of federal healthcare committees. Given her background, she plays a critical role in our government and pharmaceutical relations. Kay received her MS in chemistry from Virginia and currently resides in Washington D.C.

Michael B. Streiff

Michael B. Streiff, MD, FACP, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, NBCA Medical & Scientific Advisory Board Chair

Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology, Associate Faculty, Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, Medical Director, Johns Hopkins Anticoagulation Management Service and Outpatient Clinics, Medical Director, Special Coagulation Laboratory, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Baltimore, Maryland

Dr Streiff’s research focuses on the prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism (VTE) and evidence-based management of anticoagulation. He chairs the Venous Thromboembolism Guideline Committee for the National Comprehensive Cancer Center Network and has served on several international consensus panels to develop evidence-based guidelines for the management of VTE. He is a board member of the Anticoagulation Forum and a has been a member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board for the National Blood Clot Alliance for several years. As a member of the Johns Hopkins VTE Collaborative, he spearheaded efforts to develop evidence-based specialty-specific VTE Prophylaxis computer decision support “smart order sets” that have led to dramatic improvements in VTE prophylaxis across Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Dr. Streiff and the Johns Hopkins Anticoagulation Management Service team have played a key role in developing evidence-based guidelines and electronic order sets for anticoagulation therapy at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. He has published more than 100 articles and book chapters focusing on topics in VTE management and thrombosis and hemostasis and delivered more than 250 lectures at local, national and international meetings.

Shawna Russo Baffone

Shawna Russo Baffone

Shawna Russo Baffone is a regional human resources business partner for Take Care Health Systems a Walgreens Health and Wellness Company. She has over 15 years HR experience in the banking and health care industry.  Shawna is an active member of Society of Human Resource Management. Shawna is a graduate of New England Institute.

Shawna survived several pulmonary embolisms while in her twenties and is committed to increasing awareness of thrombosis and thrombophilia.

Teresa Bordeaux

Teresa Bordeaux

Teresa Bordeaux is a Lead Technical Manager for the Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC) at the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants where her primary responsibility is to assist with governmental auditing and accounting matters. She supports the activities of the GAQC and helps staff both the GAQC Executive Committee and the State and Local Government Expert Panel.  Prior to joining the GAQC team in 2012, Teresa was a Technical Manager for both the AICPA Professional Ethics and Peer Review teams.  She began her career in public accounting and later worked with the North Carolina Local Government Commission and the City of Raleigh before joining the AICPA in 2006.

Teresa holds a bachelor’s of arts in accounting from North Carolina State University. She serves on the Government Accounting and Auditing Committee of the North Carolina Association of CPAs. Teresa is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences on governmental auditing including recent revisions to auditing standards for recipients of federal financial assistance (Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards at 2 CFR 200).

Teresa is currently serving on the Steering Committee for the Medical University of South Carolina study, “Comparative Effectiveness of Pulmonary Embolism Prevention after Hip and Knee Replacement (PEPPER),” which is funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) award. The purpose of the study is to combine information about effectiveness in preventing blood clots in the lungs and legs with the opinions of patients about the safety of the most commonly employed blood thinners. This work will provide background information to help both patients and their surgeons in deciding which blood thinner would be best to use after hip and knee replacement.

Teresa and her husband Larry, have two sons and live in Cary, NC. Larry developed portal vein thrombosis in 2007 and in 2009 the clot extended into his superior mesenteric vein and he began treatment with Coumadin.  Larry is a lifer on Coumadin and does home testing of his INR. Teresa wants to help NBCA spread awareness about all clotting issues including those like Larry’s that don’t involve the extremities.

Connect with Teresa on social media: Twitter and Instagram

Amy KearbeyAmy Kearbey

Amy Kearbey is a partner with the law firm McDermott Will & Emery LLP and specializes in health care law.  She works with and counsels a wide variety of stakeholders throughout the health care sector on issues relating to regulatory compliance and strategic initiatives for data-driven solutions for improving quality and enabling research.  Amy received an A.B. from Dartmouth College and a J.D. from Duke University School of Law.

Amy survived a pulmonary embolism in her late 20s and is deeply committed to increasing public awareness and education surrounding blood clotting so that patients are empowered and health care providers are informed.

Maury Lieberman

Maury L. Lieberman

Maury L. Lieberman, MSW, MURP, is a community services planner and organizational consultant based in Washington, DC. He has been treated for DVT. For more than 20 years at the National Institute of Mental Health, Mr. Lieberman developed and administered extramural research programs involving urban and social problems, work and mental health, mental health services and training, and prevention/intervention research. He later headed the state mental health planning program, and was responsible for developing a federal mental health response to such concerns as workplace violence, suicide, and trauma. Mr. Lieberman’s early career focused on community organization and housing development for immigrant populations, including Mobilization for Youth in New York, whose experiences formed the basis for the national anti-poverty program.

Since retiring from the federal government, he has been active in local, regional and national organizations, as well as consulting and serving as adjunct faculty member and lecturer in graduate schools of social work and city planning. He currently serves on the Board of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. He has also served on the Board of the Green Door in Washington, DC, which helps people recovering from mental illness to live and work in the community, as well as active volunteer roles with the American Councils for International Education and Children International. Mr. Lieberman holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin, a MSW from Rutgers University, and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) from the University of Pittsburgh School of Public and International Affairs, and completed doctoral studies (ABD) in City and Regional Planning at Cornell University.

Mimi MacKinnon

Mimi MacKinnon

Mimi MacKinnon is an Event Manager at the National Football League.

On May 10, 2013, Mimi suffered a near fatal pulmonary embolism at the age of 31 related to birth control. During her journey, she has searched for ways to become meaningfully involved in the cause to help raise awareness, especially about the dangerous side effects attributed to hormonal birth control. Mimi is a recent addition to the NBCA Board of Directors, and she is looking forward to contributing and raising awareness about this worthy cause.

Mimi is the daughter of Peter and Sue MacKinnon, and she has two wonderful sisters, Kelly and Christie. She has a BA in educational studies from Trinity College, where she played four years of varsity ice hockey. Mimi currently resides in Glen Cove, NY.

Sara WassenaarSara Wassenaar, DDS

Dr. Sara Wassenaar practices general dentistry in Alma, Michigan, at Wassenaar, Frutiger, Moeggenborg DDS. She has been active in her community and on several boards. She is a past City Commissioner and Chamber of Commerce board member. Dr. Wassenaar currently serves on the Board of Directors for Mid-Michigan Medical System and is Past-President of the Mid-Michigan Medical Center-Gratiot Board of Directors. She is active in many of her local community organizations and in local, state and national dental organizations. Dr. Wassenaar has been honored with the Gratiot County Athena Award for her community leadership and as a role model for women.

Dr. Wassenaar received her B.A. from University of Michigan and her M.S. from University of Denver College of Law. She received her dental degree from University of Detroit and completed her General Practice Residency at Danbury Hospital, Danbury, Connecticut. She serves as a Visiting Faculty member of Spear Education.

She is married to Dr. Richard Frutiger. Their son, John Frutiger, is also a volunteer and organizer of several Stop the Clot events. In 2010, they lost their 23-year-old daughter and sister, Anna, as a result of an undiagnosed deep vein thrombosis and subsequent fatal pulmonary embolism.

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