Former World Champion Swimmer Katie Hoff’s Blood Clot Story

Former World Champion Swimmer Katie Hoff’s Blood Clot Story

Katie Hoff is a three-time Olympic medalist and Former World Champion Swimmer who has held several American and world records throughout her career. She was forced to retire from the sport in 2015 due to the development of blood clots in her lung, known as pulmonary embolisms, or PEs.

Katie is best known for her individual medley, and she holds the current American record for the 400-meter individual medley and previously held the American records for the 200 individual medley, 200 freestyle, and 400 freestyle.

In July 2014, Katie experienced a sharp pain in her chest and sides, which forced her to withdraw from the National Championship. She initially had been diagnosed with a muscle strain and asthma when a CAT scan revealed two blood clots in her lung. Due to the buildup of scar tissue in her lung caused by the blood clots, Katie officially announced her retirement from swimming in 2015.

Now, Katie is focusing on her health and is encouraging others to do the same. Katie knows just how serious PE blood clots can be, driving her to share her story and raise awareness about the signs, symptoms, and treatment options available.

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