Be Careful of What You Put Inside Your Body: Ioana’s Story

Be Careful of What You Put Inside Your Body: Ioana’s Story

I was diagnosed with a massive bilateral pulmonary embolism (PE) on November 5, 2021, three weeks after my 23rd birthday. Everything started as a pain in my calf. The funny thing is that the pain began mid-workout, making me believe it was a pulled muscle.  

After a few days, the pain started to travel upwards inside my body. I got tired just by walking, I was sweating, and my lungs were hurting, but I ignored it for another few days, thinking I was getting the flu.  

On November 5, after I finished my workout, my heart started to pound fast., I couldn’t breathe properly, and I felt dizzy, so I called an ambulance. I also texted my boss that I think I have a PE. I remember feeling as if I were suffocating because of the fear while waiting for the test results. 

Deep inside, I knew that it was a blood clot. The pain was so deep in my muscle, almost like the bone was hurting.   

I later learned that the estrogen-based contraceptive pills I was taking played a role, increasing my risk of developing a blood clot. This experience has taught me to listen to my body without forcing it. Now I am more careful with what I put inside my body when it comes to food, drinks, everything.  

My advice to others is to surround yourself with love and relax as much as you can because it will get better. 


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