Ancillary Items

Ancillary Items



National-Blood-Clot-Cancer-Treatment-Oncology (1)

NBCA Concept Document

STC-STW_Year 1_EvaluationReport

RNR Report

Mat Release Placements_2016

Infographic Placements_2016




STC-STW_Aug thru Dec_2016

NBCA Banner_Year 1

Hospitals Week 2018 Social Media Results

Marcom BCAM 2018

VTE Preferences Survey – TH 2018 – Lutsey

2017ConnorsNEJM Tromboph test and ven thromb


NBCA Pregnancy Screener.docx

Interview data

NBCA PSA message testing screener

PSA Message Testing Trends and Considerations

Prelim BCAM19 Metrics

NWHW print feature

Marcom BCAM 2018

2018 BCAM STC-STW-Hospitalization FINAL Results Report

Public Awareness Survey Results_ASH

Patient reported prophy_APHA


NWHW18 Social Media Metrics

print release

NBCA iEspanol Banner_(For Final Approval)

Oncology banner_v4_10-11-18

iEspanol Screenshot Samples

Marcom Board Reports_Sep-Oct-Jan

Mat release placement list_pregnancy

Infographic Placements_pregnancy

Audio News Release Broadcast Placement List_pregnancy

NBCA Exec Summary-Pregnancy Metrics





Interview data_oncology-upload format-converted

final_curriculum flyer

BCAM19 STC-STW Results Report

BCAM19 Results Report


Results Update July 2019_lf


Web banner

National-Blood-Clot-Cancer-Treatment-Oncology (1)


2019 Hospitals Week Social Media Results

2019 Womens Health Week-Month Social Media Results


General Public_ Summary_Results (1)

Hospitalization_Summary_Results (2)

Pregnancy_Executive Summary Results

Cancer_Summary Results

Final SHM 76 Poster

ACF Poster L1


Finalproof_Wall-Mirror Cling

February-March 2020 Campaign Results

W&BC Radio Spot and Mat Release Results Report 2020

W&BC Radio Spot Aug 2020:



Infographic Placements

Mat Release Placement List – for web

Radio Health Journal Report for web

Social Media and Digital Metrics Report_Sep 2020


BCAM2020_ STC-STW Results Report

Hospitals and NWHW 2020_Promotional Results

Hospitals and Women’s Health Month 2020_Social Media Metrics

Hospitals Week 2020 Social Media Metrics

Women’s Health Month-Week 2020 Social Media Metrics

STC-STW_Cancer Survivor Month_June 2020

STC-STW Cancer Radio:



Web Banner results March 2021

PSA results Feb 11 through Mar 31 2021


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