I Heard the Doctor Say my Outlook Wasn’t Great: Morgan’s Story

I Heard the Doctor Say my Outlook Wasn’t Great: Morgan’s Story

In March 2019, I was recovering from a broken ankle when I began experiencing odd, unfamiliar symptoms, like shortness of breath and back pain. I thought it was anxiety. 

 My husband picked me up from work one day, and the second I got in his car, I couldn’t breathe, then I passed out. When he couldn’t wake me, he started driving to the nearest ER.  

 When we arrived, they immediately thought it was a blood clot. They couldn’t find a vein to start treatment, so I was transferred to another hospital. A special team placed a line in my upper arm so they could perform a scan to see the clots. 

 While I awaited the results, I was in so much pain from my elevated heart rate, back pain, and anxiety. I recall hearing the doctor tell my mom and mother-in-law that I had an extremely large pulmonary embolism and that my outlook wasn’t great. 

 I was transferred to a heart hospital and underwent catheter-directed thrombolysis to treat the PE. During my 10 days in the hospital, it was also discovered that I had other DVTs in my injured leg. 

 My only blood clot risk factors were my ankle injury and estrogen-based birth control. I will be on warfarin for the rest of my life. If I choose to have children, that experience will be extremely different than what I thought. 

I hope to spread awareness so that others seek help before it’s too late! 


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