The Doctor Told Her Not to Worry: Marsha’s Story

The Doctor Told Her Not to Worry: Marsha’s Story

My younger sister Marsha had many blood clots over the years. She found out that she had protein S deficiency shortly after our father died in 1998. She had veins that were painful and found a doctor who was willing to strip them (phlebectomy).

Marsha asked him about her history with clots. The doctor told her not to worry and after the surgery she would no longer have clots. So, she had the surgery.

She came home and felt fine. She sent me an email that all was good. Shortly after reading the email, I had a call from another sister that Marsha was being life-flighted to a large hospital.

I called around and finally managed to talk to my mother. She was sobbing and told me Marsha never made the flight. She had coded four times in the ambulance and passed away.

It turns out that she had multiple pulmonary emboli in both lungs due to the surgery releasing them from her legs.

She left behind two young adult children and three grandchildren. Marsha was only 47.

Marsha’s son also has protein S deficiency and has had a DVT and PE. I have protein S deficiency, as do my son and daughter. My daughter has had a PE and my son has had a DVT and both are on blood thinners.

I worry about my grandchildren potentially having problems. I am cautious about what I do, but the worry is always there.

If your family has a history of clotting disorders, please get tested yourself. If you experience any of the signs of a clot get to the doctor immediately. Don’t wait until it is too late.


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