My Doctor Laughed At Me: Charmaine’s Story

My Doctor Laughed At Me: Charmaine’s Story

I was involved in a motorbike accident on August 9, 2023, and had an injury to my left leg. I suffered severe pain but had to go to work.

After struggling to walk, I went back to my doctor. He recommended bed rest for about five days. I asked him to admit me to the hospital as something wasn’t right. I thought maybe I had an infection, as my leg changed color and started swelling.

Unfortunately, the doctor laughed it off. After the bed rest, I went back to work. But I couldn’t breathe, my pulse rate was very high and my blood pressure was very low. I felt some pain in my chest.

I was evacuated by EMTs, and my employees thought I was having a panic attack. I spent the whole day in the ER, where they confirmed a PE and DVT with a CT scan and blood tests. That night the internist gave me a clot buster. I was admitted to ICU for a few days and took warfarin for six months. I made a full recovery six months afterward. I am now off the blood thinners and living a normal life after this traumatic event.

My doctor knew I was on birth control with a leg injury and swollen leg, but he laughed at me. That sits with me! I was so close to death. I’m only 38 years old.


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