It’s So Important to Fight For Your Health: Taylor’s Story

It’s So Important to Fight For Your Health: Taylor’s Story

Throughout my pregnancy, I experienced pain and cramps in my legs, and lots of strange, unexplained bruising. My OB/GYN said it was normal.

The last month of my pregnancy, I started having occasional chest pains and my breathing had become different. It didn’t feel like shortness of breath. The only way I could explain it was that my breathing was shallow and thin. I was getting enough air, but the feeling of breathing had become so exhausting.

Two weeks after giving birth, I decided to go to urgent care for my breathing issue. The doctor sent me to the hospital because he suspected blood clots.

I was in the emergency room for several hours. I was dismissed and told I was just anxious and postpartum. I kept pushing, and was finally given a CT scan after my D-dimer test had came back extremely high.

The CT scan confirmed that I had pulmonary emboli — six blood clots in my left lung. I had to be admitted and, six months later, I’m still busy with many doctor appointments. I’ll be getting tested for clotting disorders after I finish the six months on my blood thinner.

It is believed that I had untreated DVTs in my legs during my pregnancy. They had gone unnoticed because my OB/GYN dismissed my leg concerns and all other clotting symptoms.

My life after having my PEs has changed so much. I welcomed my beautiful baby into the world in early September, and it has been very difficult to do many daily tasks. I am lucky to have my husband, who helps so much at home when I’m in pain.

Throughout this experience, I have learned to advocate for the answers I need to protect my health.

There are so many great doctors out there, but unfortunately, there are some who will not advocate on your behalf. It’s so important to fight for your health!


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