I Have to Take Things Slow Now: Reachelle’s Story

I Have to Take Things Slow Now: Reachelle’s Story

I was six months in my new job as an attorney when I felt pain in my ribs and shortness of breath.

I went to urgent care and was rushed to the ER after my D-Dimer blood test came back high. At the hospital, they did a CT scan and found the blood clots in my lungs. I had a thrombectomy procedure that helped get rid of the clots, which was putting a strain on my heart.

In terms of risk factors, I was on estrogen-based birth control, which is believed to have contributed to my blood clots.

This has changed my lifestyle in that I have to take things slow now. I’ve always been a fast paced person.

I’ve leaned a lot since my diagnosis. Reading resources and joining support groups has been so helpful.

I’m grateful to be alive today and I’m working hard to get stronger everyday. I know slowly but surely I will get back to feeling like me again.


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