Two Blood Clots 10 Years Apart: Priyansh’s Story

Two Blood Clots 10 Years Apart: Priyansh’s Story

I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism in 2013 as a side effect of steroids I was taking for nephrotic syndrome, a kidney disorder. I was on warfarin for two years until my doctor advised me to stop taking it.

In March 2023, I had sudden pain in my left leg that was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. It felt like it was too heavy to move.

I was eventually diagnosed with extensive left leg deep vein thrombosis and required a couple of procedures. There was no explanation for the DVT. I wasn’t on steroids at the time. Now I’ve been advised to take Eliquis for the rest of my life.

In terms of lifestyle changes, I have started exercising regularly and have started eating properly, I appreciate life more than ever.

My advice to others is to regularly move your body and never ignore your symptoms.


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