Finally Making Gains: Gerry’s Story

Finally Making Gains: Gerry’s Story

I’m a survivor of two pulmonary emboli. I’m finally making gains to restore “normal life” after years of small gains and constant setbacks.

Before my pulmonary emboli in January 2016, I was healthy and ran lots of races. I thought it was an isolated incident and I wouldn’t get another one. It’s strange how life works sometimes.

I had my second PE in February 2018. Although not as severe as my first one, it had an even worse effect on my mental health. I’ve struggled physically and mentally to get my normal life back.

Often, my struggles went unnoticed because on the outside, things seemed OK. But inside it was a different story. Occasionally, I would get chest cramps in the evening. I was afraid of falling asleep and not waking up.

Some of medications I took didn’t work for me at all. My joints and muscles would ache badly. It’s been years of bloodwork and trying new meds that didn’t have harsh side effects on me.

I felt I was living in the shadow of my past instead of focusing on creating a new life. Now it’s all about moving forward. The last eight or nine months have been great!

I’ll be doing an Ironman race to prove to myself, my son and others that we are all warriors if you dig deep within yourself. Having survived PEs shouldn’t keep you in fear of moving forward in life. Be sure to acknowledge your progress and personal growth.


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