I Now Live My Life to the Fullest Every Day: Meghan’s Story

I Now Live My Life to the Fullest Every Day: Meghan’s Story

In April 2022, I was a normal 18-year-old preparing for graduation and college. My world would soon flip when I was diagnosed with a DVT that went from my hip to ankle.

I was an active high schooler. I was a part of the varsity cheer team and marching band. When the pain in my knee started, I figured it was just from cheer. After letting the pain go on, my left calf became twice the size of my right and discolored.

I went to my general doctor and they sent me for an ultrasound, where they were able to identify my clot and the severity. They then found that I had antiphospholipid syndrome, which was the reason I had developed a clot. I started blood thinners and was instructed to wear compression socks.

I am now 20 and am doing much better mentally and physically. I now live my life to the fullest every day!


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