Make Your Health a Priority: Matt’s Story

Make Your Health a Priority: Matt’s Story

I had my first deep vein thrombosis when I was 18. I was training for the military and was very active, doing lots of weightlifting and running.

One day, I had extreme pain and swelling in my groin and right leg. Even with those symptoms, I was stubborn and waited four days before getting it checked out.

A large DVT was discovered in my leg, and thankfully they were able to put in a stent. I spent seven days in the ICU being treated and recovering.

I was diagnosed with factor V Leiden heterozygous and webbed veins, and these conditions likely caused the DVT. My recovery was tough. I could barely walk without needing a break from the pain. In addition to that, I struggled immensely with what I found out later was depression and anxiety. I had several panic attacks from the thought of having another DVT and struggled with not being as active as I once was.

After six months, I was able to start being active. I began at the complete bottom, walking laps in my apartment complex and lifting light weights. I also was able to start mentally recovering from the DVT and coping with how much my life would need to change. I had to stop contact sports and some other things I enjoyed.

I did have a reoccurrence after about a year when I was taken off thinners, but was immediately placed back on thinners for life.

Over the next 10 years, I was able to recover most of my physicality and have been mentally processing the event.

Putting my health first has helped a lot. I lift weights to deal with my issues as well as hike on a regular basis. I have also done therapy sessions.

In terms of family history, I’ve learned my sisters have factor V Leiden and that my grandpa may have died from complications related to blood clots.

My advice to others is to make your health a priority and be diligent about following up on it. Also, do not be afraid to talk to someone if you need to.


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