Be Aware of Your Body: Lyrene’s Story

Be Aware of Your Body: Lyrene’s Story

In late February 2023, I was at work and experienced an extreme cramp in my right calf muscle. I just thought it was due to me being on my feet the entire day and I tried to walk it off. My calf was swollen, warm, and it was uncomfortable to walk. It felt as though someone was squeezing my calf muscle constantly.

I brushed this off as having had a very busy week and continued with my heat patches for the next six days.

Friday, March 3, 2023 started off as any other day, but little did I know how this day would change my life. I woke up and suddenly felt sick. I rushed to my GP who sent me to the ER immediately for scans.

After reaching the hospital, I was extremely weak, could barely walk, and was vomiting constantly. My symptoms that morning were due to a ruptured cyst, which caused me to be sick. But after being admitted and going for a CT scan, a DVT was confirmed as well as a PE. I was put on heparin immediately and was admitted for five days. The PE caused some lung damage.

I was told my clots formed due to taking estrogen-based birth control pills. I had been on birth control for about 10 years on and off without any complications.

If the cyst had not burst, I would have ignored the pain in my leg, not knowing I had a PE as well, and I would not be here today.

My advice is to be aware of your body. Be aware of the signs and symptoms it shows you. Don’t ignore it or brush it off. It could cost you your life.


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