This Has Been an Emotional Roller Coaster: Jacqueline’s Story

This Has Been an Emotional Roller Coaster: Jacqueline’s Story

On April 28, I went to urgent care for pain in my left ankle. I had sprained it three weeks prior, and it was swollen and not getting better. I was also experiencing shortness of breath as well as chest, rib, and shoulder blade pain on my left side. I thought maybe I slept wrong or pulled a muscle.

At urgent care, the doctor came in and immediately told me to go to ER to make sure it wasn’t a blood clot. After many tests, including ultrasound and numerous scans, they found a small blood clot in my left lung (pulmonary embolism) and I was admitted to the hospital.

I was treated with a shot of heparin, then told I would be on apixaban for three to six months. I scheduled appointments with a pulmonary specialist, as well as my primary care physician. They aren’t sure if the sprain caused it, years on estrogen-based birth control pills (which I was instructed to immediately stop), or a combination.

This has been a emotional roller-coaster. I haven’t quite fully accepted my diagnosis. I don’t push myself too much with exercise, but I walk more throughout my day and educating myself on my PE diagnosis. NBCA resources have been helpful and I am able to share credible information with others.

My advice to others is to listen to your body, and if you don’t feel right, see a doctor. Don’t let doctors or others dismiss your concerns. Fight to be heard and tested.


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