Be Persistent When Something Doesn’t Feel Right: Ebony’s Story

Be Persistent When Something Doesn’t Feel Right: Ebony’s Story

Early in my pregnancy, I thought I’d pulled a muscle in my left calf. The pain was horrible for at least two weeks. I soaked it and elevated it, but the pain didn’t cease.

I went to urgent care but they sent me home and told me to continue to take Tylenol, ice, and elevate.

One day I woke up and couldn’t walk on the leg at all, I even had to use a cane. I went for another medical opinion and was immediately sent to the emergency room, where they diagnosed me with deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and was admitted.

They told me that because I was pregnant, I’d have to give myself injections twice a day to treat the clot. I was terrified, but here I am months later, thankful and still injecting myself twice a day.

Many people don’t know that the risk of DVT increases when pregnant. My advice to others is to be persistent in seeking medical attention when something doesn’t feel right.


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