I Thought I Had a Blood Clot, But No One Listened: Cherree’s Story

I Thought I Had a Blood Clot, But No One Listened: Cherree’s Story

Three months after a surgical procedure, I went to urgent care as my leg was turning colors and I couldn’t walk. I was told that I had plantar fasciitis on the top of my foot.

That was so off track, so I went to a sports medicine doctor who diagnosed me with tendonitis just by touching my big toe. Then I was sent to a pain management center.

I thought it was a blood clot, but no one listened.

Finally, I went to a vascular surgeon. He found that I had blood clots everywhere and sent me to the hospital. As they were admitting me, I had a stroke and then was out of it for six days. They tried to save my leg, but it was too far gone. My right leg and knee were removed and I underwent dialysis for my kidney, which had shut down.

When they all gave up, a brand new doctor came in while I was having dialysis, picked up my chart and knew what was wrong. My diagnosis is catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome, which is a life-threatening form of APS.

I got started on plasmapheresis right away to address my catastrophic APS. This is a procedure that removes antibodies from the plasma portion of the blood. My numbers got better and I was released to a rehab center and then home.

Two members of my family also experience blood clots, but no one has been tested for clotting disorders.

My advice to others? Never give up!


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