2022-2023 NBCA Community Thrombassador Awards

2022-2023 NBCA Community Thrombassador Awards

The NBCA Community Thrombassador Program is officially one year old and NBCA recently conducted their First Annual Thrombassador Town Hall & Awards Ceremony to celebrate the success of the program’s first year. NBCA has trained nearly 50 Thrombassadors who have worked tirelessly to spread life-saving information in their communities. Special awards were given to six individuals who went above and beyond during this first year.

Impressive Impressions Award

This award goes to someone who went out of their way to reach individuals with life-saving information about blood clots; and made huge impressions during their outreach activities. This person jumped on every opportunity to raise awareness and showed commitment to sharing blood clot information to mass amounts of people.

Patrick Malone

This year’s Impressive Impressions Award goes to Patrick Malone who started as a Thrombassador in February, 2022 and lost his daughter to a blood clot. Over the span of Patrick’s first year as a Thrombassador, he has reached over one hundred thousand people with life-saving information. Patrick has over thirty thousand followers on LinkedIn and is constantly sharing life-saving information with his network. Patrick spoke to a high school graduation, reaching hundreds of adolescents about the dangers of blood clots, hosted a memorial clay shoot sharing information about NBCA, and installed a plaque with a QR code to information about NBCA on a bench near his daughter’s burial site. Patrick has certainly been very impressive in the amount of people he has been able to reach, and we look forward to seeing what he can accomplish and who he will reach in 2023.  Read Patrick’s story.

Outrageous Outreach Award

This award goes to someone who supplied life-saving information about blood clots to as many different organizations as possible and went above and beyond conducting impactful outreach within their community.

Andrea Bernard

This year’s Outrageous Outreach Award goes to Andrea Bernard who started as a Thrombassador in March of 2022 and has since conducted over thirty blood clot awareness initiatives, including hanging up blood clot information across several local gyms and community organizations, publishing an article in her local newspaper which reached nearly forty thousand people, and pouncing on every opportunity to share NBCA information with organizations in her area. Andrea is always one of the first people to respond to NBCA emails and taking initiative to conduct as much outreach as possible in her local community. We are so excited to have her representing Canada on behalf of Stop the Clot® and can’t wait to see who she connects with in 2023!   

Inspiring Innovation Award

This award goes to someone who was creative in their approach to raising awareness about blood clots, and utilized a unique platform or had innovative ideas to reach new audiences.

Kristie Fox

This year’s Inspiring Innovation Award goes to Kristie Fox who started as a Thrombassador in February of 2022. Kristie is also the 2022 Ameri Fest Pageant and Mrs. Ohio winner and had special interviews throughout several stages of the pageant where she spoke about the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of blood clots. Kristie made special blood clot awareness goodie bags and has spoken with hundreds of women and parents about blood clot risk factors all through using her Mrs. Ohio platform.

Powerful Partnerships Award

This award goes to someone who partnered with local organizations to host blood clot awareness events and went out of their way to create meaningful partnerships in their community.

Sherri Miller

This year’s Powerful Partnerships Award goes to Sherri Miller who started as a Thrombassador in May of 2022 and suffered from blood clots provoked by pregnancy. Sherri has shown a huge dedication to her role as a Thrombassador, as she landed an interview with WBNG action news and secured blood clot awareness booths at local fairs over the summer. Sherri is always recruiting new Thrombassadors and truly cares about creating lasting partnerships for the organization. We can’t wait to see who she partners with in 2023!

Amazing Advocacy Award

This award goes to someone who made every effort at a congressional level to spread the word about blood clots and went out of their way to reach out to local representatives in their community. This award goes to someone who truly takes being a blood clot advocate to the next level. 

Arshell Brooks-Harris

Arshell works tirelessly to reach out to members in her community with life-saving information. During 2022, Arshell didn’t hesitate when we asked her to participate in virtual meetings on Capitol Hill and has done her own outreach to local representatives and setting up meetings to advocate for increased federal funding. Arshell’s advocacy efforts have been so inspiring that she was offered the position as Secretary on the NBCA Board of Directors. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in 2023!

Community Thrombassador of the Year Award

This award goes to someone who showed true commitment to their role as a Community Thrombassador and sets a positive example for future Thrombassadors. This award goes to someone who lives and breathes blood clot awareness and spreads the mission of NBCA at any, and all opportunities.

Frank Corona

Frank Corona is this year’s Thrombassador of the Year. Frank is always handing out blood clot awareness materials, has helped secure sponsorships for the organization, creates lasting partnerships, conducts powerful awareness events through his Annual Amy Awareness Event, and is constantly finding new ways to reach more people with life-saving information. No act of blood clot awareness is too little for Frank, as he is constantly handing out wristbands and Stop the Clot® pins to all those he encounters on a day to day basis. Frank was the original volunteer who inspired the Community Thrombassador program and has been faithful to the NBCA mission ever since. We can’t wait to see who he reaches and inspires during 2023. Read Frank’s story.

Learn more about Community Thrombassadors and how to register for the next training here.

Questions? Email: tpatrikis@stoptheclot.org

NBCA Community Thrombassadors is a network of patients, caregivers, and family members committed to spreading blood clot education, awareness, and prevention in their communities. In partnership with local organizations, Thrombassadors share their personal stories—and life-saving information—about blood clots. Through this peer-to-peer program, Thrombassadors help advance the prevention, early diagnosis, and successful treatment of life-threatening blood clots among their neighbors, friends, and colleagues – and across their local communities.

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