Changing My Outlook on Life: Natalie’s Story

Changing My Outlook on Life: Natalie’s Story

On January 25, 2016, I found out I had a blood clot after going to a follow-up doctor’s appointment. Ten days prior, I had cosmetic surgery and was advised that developing a blood clot was possible, but I never thought it would happen to me. Two days after surgery, I noticed my left leg was swelling and I wasn’t able to move it like normal. I advised my doctor and was told they would look into it at my follow-up appointment. The day of my follow-up, my doctor immediately sent me to have an ultrasound. That’s when the deep vein thrombosis (DVT) was discovered in my upper leg.

My doctor told me normally, a blood thinner injection is given and the patient is sent home, but since my leg was so swollen and I was in severe pain, it was advised that I stay overnight. Since my cosmetic surgery was so recent, they decided to put me on an IV blood thinner, which required me to stay an additional night. It was finally decided that I would be put on an oral anticoagulant for the next three months. After that, I would visit the radiologist for an updated ultrasound.

My experience with this blood clot has changed my lifestyle, as now I am more aware of my body and I started walking more. I have learned that you must take every surgical procedure seriously and read about the risks so you are aware of complications if they should arise. I definitely had taken everyday things for granted before, but have now changed my outlook. Also, I have become more aware of people who move slower. There have been times in the past two weeks when I just needed someone to help me pick something up or help me up an incline, but no one offered. I definitely will be more aware of people around me.

I will beat this blood clot because I have too many people who need me, and I have too much I want to do in my life. I am appreciative of having the opportunity to recover. I am definitely following the doctor’s orders.

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