The Clot Went From My Groin to My Ankle: Janis’ Story

The Clot Went From My Groin to My Ankle: Janis’ Story

I have always been a relatively active person, and I participated in kickboxing and powerlifting.  

It was 2020 and I was one month away from my 30th birthday, doing jump squats in my living room due gyms closed by COVID. I felt a pain in my left hip and thought I pulled a muscle.   

I continued my daily life, riding bikes with my kids and working out. I massaged the spot, did warm compresses, and stretched. The pain continued to get worse and was traveling down my leg.   

On day 10, I woke up and couldn’t walk. We decided it was time to visit the urgent care, where a CT scan was performed. They didn’t tell me what was wrong but came back into the room with grim faces full of compassion.  

At this time, they told my husband I probably wouldn’t be coming home. The blood clot (deep vein thrombosis) went from my groin to my ankle. They rushed me by ambulance to the hospital, where things moved quickly.  

They performed two surgeries on two different days to help clear the clot from my groin to my knee. The first one was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I also had a stent placed in my groin area to keep things running smoothly. I was unable to have any loved ones visit me due to COVID. I was so very lonely.   

In terms of risk factors, I have May-Thurner syndrome, I used hormonal contraception, I’m a former smoker and I have a family history of clots.  

After a couple of days, I went home to recover. I was on blood thinners for a few months. I have been told that stents aren’t usually placed in young adults, so they don’t know what long-term looks like. My leg has hurt since I got out of the hospital.  

I have my compression socks, I am constantly pumping my ankles, and always on the lookout for another clot.  


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