I Was Told it Was Just Inflammation: Alphonso’s Story

I Was Told it Was Just Inflammation: Alphonso’s Story

I am a 48-year-old male and in March 2023, I was diagnosed with a blood clot spanning from my lower right calf up to the pelvic area.  

This was the result of a meniscus procedure I had done on my right knee approximately four weeks earlier. The first symptoms I experienced were tightness, swelling, and discoloration behind the knee.  

I immediately informed the orthopedic surgeon who had performed the operation on my knee. But he told me I had nothing to worry about, as it was just inflammation. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication that I was to take for five days. But by the fourth day, my entire leg was massively swollen and painful to the point that I literally collapsed when I got home from work.  

The following day, I went to my general practitioner who, after a brief examination of my leg, sent me for emergency blood tests and an ultrasound scan. The clots were found in my leg (deep vein thrombosis) and I  was admitted to the hospital where I stayed for several days, undergoing numerous blood tests.  

I stayed on blood thinners for three months. The initial recovery period was slow, as I couldn’t walk far before feeling totally exhausted.  

Pre-DVT, I was running 5-7 kilometers (3-4 miles) easily and doing moderate to difficult hikes quite regularly. Now, I can only walk a kilometer before the fatigue in the leg sets in.   

This experience has had a huge impact on my mental health, knowing the seriousness of this illness. I have since been prescribed medication for anxiety and high blood pressure.  

My advice to others is to be patient with yourself. Also, know that others might not understand what you’re going through. Joining a blood clot support group has certainly helped me. It can be a rather lonely journey. 


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