MAY E-NEWSLETTER | Prevent Blood Clots During NWHW

MAY E-NEWSLETTER | Prevent Blood Clots During NWHW

Join the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) during National Women’s Health Week (NWHW), May 12-18, 2019, and all of May, as we work together with the Alexandra L. Rowan Memorial Foundation to provide women with life-saving information about hormonal birth control and blood clots, and to help them determine, along with their doctor, their risk for blood clots and all of their birth control options. Together, we are encouraging women to visit Women & Blood Clots for more information about birth control and blood clot risks, as well as information about blood clot risks connected to pregnancy and childbirth, and also the treatment of menopause symptoms with hormone therapy.

Sharing information about the risks women face for blood clots helps to save lives. Connect with NBCA on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for information you can share with your social media networks this week.


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