Support NBCA in Your Own Way!

Support NBCA in Your Own Way!

Fundraising for the National Blood Clot Alliance has never been easier. Whatever your interests might be – there’s a way to make the colorful things you love to do even more meaningful. Just visit here and click ‘Fundraise for this Charity.’ Register and personalize your fundraiser with stories, photos/videos, and get the word out! The possibilities are endless.

Social? If you you’re in need of an excuse to celebrate, host a party for NBCA. Simply invite some friends for a fun time and accept donations. You could do this at your home, a local restaurant or bar, or other fun venue.

Active? Host a walk, bike ride, fitness class, sports game, or endurance event – or even create a team for an existing NBCA event. If you’re already signed up for a local race or event, you can still fundraise on behalf of NBCA here.

Sentimental? Dedicate your birthday, wedding, or other meaningful day. You can use your special day as a way to make a difference and help others by asking for donations instead of gifts. Or create a fundraiser to honor the life or memory of someone whose life has been affected by blood clots.

Supporting NBCA in your own way gives even more meaning to your favorite activities. Every dollar you raise helps provide critical support, education and resources to patients and caregivers, including access to an on-call nurse, affording patients the opportunity for a private conversation with a health professional to obtain individual resources and empowerment to be their own best advocates with their healthcare providers.

Need help getting started? Contact Tarin Patrikis, Director of Development & Regional Affairs, at tpatrikis@stoptheclot.org.

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