A Resolution to Volunteer | July e-Newsletter

A Resolution to Volunteer | July e-Newsletter

NBCA’s July 2015 e-Newsletter celebrates our wonderful volunteer leadership, right in time to wish everyone a Happy New Year, as NBCA begins its new fiscal 2015/2016 year.  With this new fiscal year comes our Board elections, and we are pleased to introduce our new Executive Committee, including our new Board President Dr. Sara Wassenaar, our new Board Vice President Eric O’Connor, our new Board Secretary, Kay Holcombe, and also Teresa Bordeaux, who was elected to serve her second term as our Board Treasurer.  We also welcome three new Board members:  Justin Barch, Caryl Mahoney, and Stephen Rodner.  You can read more about the individuals who share their time and talent to lead our volunteer based organization at the following link: NBCA Board Members

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