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The National Blood Clot Alliance strives to remain the most reliable and timely source of information related to the topics and issues of importance to you, and NBCA’s e-Newsletter is just one approach to sharing important information affecting our community. It is our pledge to keep you up to date about the activities of NBCA and our leadership, and timely news about emerging science and medical advances of importance to you. Take a moment to sign up for our e-Newsletter and get important information delivered directly to your inbox each month.

In our Community Connection section, we’ll share information about or directly from the people who make our organization so unique and so valuable: Our volunteers, athletes, authors of patient stories, advocacy partners, and more. We’ll continue to share All the News That Fit’s to Link, just In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), and key issues in health policy, economics, advocacy and volunteerism, and industry matters.

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As always, if you have news or information important to people affected by blood clots or people with blood clotting disorders, please email info@stoptheclot.org. Until then, you can explore the links to our previous e-Newsletters below.

October: Protect Your Health During Cancer Treatment
September: AFib & Clot-Provoked Stroke
August: Sharing Stories to Build Awareness
July: Make Your Summer Healthy & Happy
June: Share Information & Help NBCA Save Lives
May: Prevent Blood Clots During National Women’s Health Week
April: Welcome Spring
March: Together We Can
February: Months that Matter Most
January: Connect with a Community that Cares in the New Year

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