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Below is our media library for PEP Talk – our virtual Patient Support Group, and our Mini PEP Talk Webcast Series. PEP Talk  provides much needed and valuable support, resources, and recovery guidance for individuals who have been impacted by blood clots.

PEP Talk is an educational webinar and should not be considered as medical advice. Please consult directly with your healthcare provider for medical advice.

PEP Talk Virtual  Support Group

July PEP Talk: Will Mechanical Thrombectomy Change the Standard of Care for Blood Clot Patients?

Learn more about this innovative treatment, its evolving applications, and its impact on the blood clot community. Our esteemed speaker, Dr. Carin Gonsalves, MD, FSIR, will provide detailed insights into the procedure, the pros and cons of mechanical thrombectomy, and its future implications.

June PEP Talk: Blood Clots and Compression: The Do’s, Don’ts and What You Should Know

Did you know that not all compression methods are the same? Learn when compression is effective, when you should use it, and the different types.

May PEP Talk: Women’s Health and VTE Through the Eyes of Elite Athletes

In recognition of Women’s Health Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, two elite athletes — Paralympic track and field athlete Tatyana McFadden and Olympic swimmer Katie Hoff — and Dr. Rachel Rosovsky of Massachusetts General Hospital will join us to discuss how blood clots have affected their lives; their road to diagnosis; and how they became their own health advocates. All women are invited to join our discussion.

April PEP Talk: May-Thurner Syndrome (MTS) – What You Need to Know About It

Learn what you need to know about MTS from Dr. Suresh Vedantham, Professor of Radiology & Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine and NBCA Medical and Scientific Advisory Board Member; and Sarah Lemire, Lifestyle Reporter for and MTS patient.

January PEP Talk: Learn How to Take Action and Advocate to Help Stop the Clot®

Learn how to communicate with your state representatives and work with NBCA to support important policy initiatives.

PEP Talk: How to Adjust, Overcome, and Lower Risk for Blood Clot Recurrence 

Learn from Dr. Amy Rapkiewicz and Dr. Rachel Rosovsky about the role that obesity plays in blood clot occurrence and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and reducing risk factors to minimize blood clot recurrence rates. Thank you to Cardinal Health for sponsoring this PEP Talk.

PEP Talk: Family Health History – Genetic Testing & VTE 

Hear from Elizabeth Varga, Director of Clinical Genomics Research and Development at Nationwide Children’s Hospital who has almost 20 years of experience as a genetic counselor and helping families understand how genetic information impacts their lives.

PEP Talk: The Emotional Aftermath of Blood Clots – Unpacking the CLUES Study

PTSD after having a blood clot is very normal. Learn how the CLUES survey results are being used to educate healthcare providers , and learn more about mental health after a blood clot diagnosis.

PEP Talk: Anticoagulants – The Past, the Present, and the Future

Learn about the history of anticoagulation drugs, how they have evolved, and hear directly from a leading researcher about the next generation of anticoagulants currently being developed.

PEP Talk: VTE and HE

Learn why men are at an increased risk for VTE and what those risk factors are, Factor V Leiden, athletes risk for blood clots (especially at higher elevations), and how men can protect themselves from a recurrence.

PEP Talk: VTE and SHE

Learn about the unique blood clot risk factors that women have throughout their life cycle.

Mini PEP Talk Webcast Series

Episode 1: Covid-19 Treatment Options for Blood Clot Patients on Anticoagulants

Joined by special guest and NBCA Medical and Scientific Advisory Board Member, Dr. Caroline Cromwell, a hematologist and the Director of Thrombosis Services at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Episode 2: Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS), Causes, Treatments, &  The CTRACT Study

Joined by special guest and NBCA Medical and Scientific Advisory Board Member, Dr. Suresh Vedantham, Professor of Radiology & Surgery at the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Episode 3: Holiday Travel Tips for VTE Prevention

As holidays or vacation time approaches, it is never too early to think about protecting yourself from the risk of blood clots when you travel. Learn travel tips from fellow blood clot patients who think about this every day: Leslie Lake, NBCA President and Todd Robertson, NBCA Board Member and Patient Liaison.

Episode 4: Menstrual Bleeding and Anticoagulation: What Patients Need to Know 

PEP Talk Episode 4 features Dr. Bethany Samuelson Bannow, who discusses everything patients need to know about menstrual bleeding on anticoagulants. Learn if anticoagulants contribute to heavy bleeding, when patients should be concerned about heavy bleeding, and what is normal, vs. what is not normal.

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