newsletterNBCA’s 2015 e-Newsletter features a brand new look and a brand new approach to sharing important information affecting our community.

First off, expect to see more original content, with monthly features that will keep you informed about the activities of NBCA and our leadership, and timely news about emerging science and medical advances of importance to you.

Also, in our Community Connection section, we’ll share information about or directly from the people who make our organization so unique and so valuable: Our volunteers, athletes, authors of patient stories, advocacy partners, and more.

We’ll continue to share All the News That Fit’s to Link, just In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), and there also will be a few surprises along the way, we’re sure. We also plan to feature quarterly columns from our CEO, Randy Fenninger, about key issues in health policy, economics, advocacy and volunteerism, and industry matters. Randy’s first column appears in our Special Edition e-Newsletter of March 2015, which is focused on Blood Clot Awareness Month.

Expect to see NBCA’s e-Newsletter arriving to your inbox monthly now, which will allow us to keep better tabs on timely events and topical news. Also, please follow us on Twitter — and ask your friends, family, and social media contacts to do so too, for daily updates and breaking news. Also, please follow us on Facebook, for news and more lifestyle-oriented information posted there.

As always, if you have news or information important to people affected by blood clots or people with blood clotting disorders, or if you want to be added to our e-Newsletter distribution list, please make sure to get in touch with us at Until then, you can link to our e-Newsletters below.

December 2015 Focus: Special Edition-Winter Solstice Issue

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October 2015 Focus: Special Edition-World Thrombosis Day

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September 2015 Focus: VTE Basics, Afib Awareness Month



 August 2015 Focus: Women and Blood Clots
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 July 2015 Focus: Volunteer Leadership

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June 2015 Focus:  DVT/PE Lifestyle Issues
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May 2015 Focus:  Summer Travel and Blood Clot Risks

May newsletter

April 2015 Focus:  Sports, Athletes, and Blood Clots

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March 2015  Focus:  Special Edition, Blood Clot Awareness Month & New NBCA/CDC Awareness Campaign

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February 2015  Focus:  Afib, And the Beat Goes On

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January 2015  Focus: The year ahead.

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