Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Argilagos, Julie Butterworth, Ann McAvinn & Heather Meehan

Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Argilagos, Julie Butterworth, Ann McAvinn & Heather Meehan

It is hard to select just one person for December’s Volunteer of the Month, so we are recognizing four women who rocked our polka dots throughout months of training, fundraising, and pounding the pavement in preparation for the New York City Marathon on November 4. Pictured are Team Stop the Clot® members (from left to right): Mary Argilagos, Julie Butterfield, Heather Meehan, and Ann McAvinn. They represented the National Blood Clot Alliance at the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon. Together, the Team raised nearly $23,000.

Each of the individuals had their own personal reasons for running with our Team. Ann and Mary ran in honor of their brother James Bredin, who died of a pulmonary embolism at age 46. Heather chose to dedicate her run to her mother, who died of a pulmonary embolism when she was 5o years old. Julie’s sister, Leslie, survived a pulmonary embolism this past June, and Julie ran in her honor while Leslie and their mother watched and tracked the miles.

We are grateful to Mary, Julie, Heather, and Ann for the time and effort they put into their endeavors, and we thank them for everything they have done to raise awareness and funds for our cause. They have selflessly shared their NYC marathon experience for the purpose of helping and educating others. By sharing their reasons for running, they have helped to shed light on the fact that blood clots can happen to anyone. We extend our gratitude to them for being a part of the NBCA family.

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