Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Menjou

Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Menjou

As one of the original Team Stop The Clot® members, and a long-time supporter of NBCA, if nothing else, Chris Menjou’s efforts on and leading up to July 29 make him well-deserving of the Volunteer of the Month designation this month.

On July 29, 2018, he spent nearly 17 hours racing Ironman Canada – specifically, that involves a mere 2.4 mile swimming followed by a 112 mile bike race and, wrapping it all up with running 26.2  miles (yes, that part’s a marathon in and of itself). And, in case that’s not tough enough, he did it all in his red polka-dot Team Stop The Clot® gear.

A total of 140.6 miles by land and sea to honor those who have suffered from blood clots, those who have passed away, and those who will be affected in the future. Throughout Chris’ months of training, he also spent a good deal of time raising funds for NBCA, and raising awareness about blood clots and clotting disorders. His tenacity, commitment, and hard work led him to raise more than $3,000.

Chris experienced multiple bilateral PEs in July 2009 and again in March 2010, resulting in a lifetime of anticoagulants to prevent another occurrence.

“I was one of the lucky ones, as blood clots are deadly,” Chris says. “Most importantly, by finishing this 140.6 mile race, I hope to set an example that being on anticoagulants does not mean you cannot continue to do the things that most inspire and challenge you.”

Although he experienced shortness of breath and other common blood clot symptoms, it took no less than four doctors, including a cardiologist and a pulmonologist, more than five weeks to finally diagnose his PEs. Chris didn’t fit the mold of a typical patient – he wasn’t elderly, hadn’t been on a long plane ride or been immobilized.  In fact, he was healthy and young and had just finished Ironman Arizona a few months before.

Chris, on behalf of NBCA board, staff and supporters, thank you for all that you’ve done for our organization and the lives you’ve touched through raising funds and awareness.

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