It Started as Leg Pain: Rusty’s Story

It Started as Leg Pain: Rusty’s Story

It started as a sharp pain in my leg when I walked. I thought it was from my shoes, or maybe I had bruised my foot at some point.

After about a month of these symptoms, my other leg started to swell and turn red. My wife, who is a nurse, and my doctor both thought it was cellulitis. But then a scan later found a superficial blood clot and a large DVT (deep vein thrombosis), or blood clot in my leg.

I followed the doctor’s orders, started a blood thinner, and the swelling, redness, and pain went away. I have to admit the DVT scared me, and made me think about what the outcome could have been. My clot is almost completely gone and I feel very lucky.

I don’t have any risk factors that might have contributed to this, and I don’t have any identified clotting disorders so I am considered unprovoked.

My advice to everyone: Don’t put off getting checked and learn the signs of blood clots.



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