I Appeared on Good Morning America: Pam’s Story

I Appeared on Good Morning America: Pam’s Story

It’s because of a Good Morning America segment about pain in the back of the leg that I was listening to while getting ready for work that I am able to tell my story. Having similar pain to what they were talking about prompted me to call my physician and I was scheduled for an ultrasound that evening.  Little did I know I was going to end up in the hospital with a 1-1/2” blood clot!

Due to a bad knee, I have had pain in my right leg for many years. Had I not heard GMA talk about blood clots that morning, I could have gone a long time–or maybe not–without even thinking twice about the
new pain, possibly dying of a pulmonary embolism.

I sent GMA an e-mail telling them I thought they may have saved my life. They contacted me and asked if I would appear in a follow-up segment to talk about what transpired, hoping to reach out to other viewers suffering from the same kind of pain, thus saving more lives.  Of course it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I appeared on their show a week later.

Since that time I have been contacted several times from people I don’t even know, wanting to tell me their story. I cannot believe how many people are afflicted with DVT’s, yet very little is known about them by the general public, myself included.

I guess it was obvious I wanted to learn more, because I was contacted by a member of NBCA asking me to participate in the development of a local chapter of the organization in Minnesota. I agreed because I believe I will learn a lot on the subject; but, more importantly hope I can help make a difference to others who are diagnosed with a blood clot for the first time and are as fearful and confused as I was.

I recently had my right knee replaced and am no longer on Coumadin®. I still often wonder, “When will I get another blood clot?” But, with greater exposure and the education NBCA is striving to offer, I know I will be more confident and continue to live a worry-free life.

Posted October 6, 2008

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