Recognize the Signs of a Blood Clot: Othello’s Story

Recognize the Signs of a Blood Clot: Othello’s Story

As told by his wife Tonia.

On July 20, 2017, my husband Othello died from two big blood clots in both lungs (pulmonary emboli).

We went to the hospital thinking he had developed adult asthma because his oxygen was lower and he had shortness of breath. The doctor advised that Othello would have to be transported to another hospital to receive a clot buster.

The clot buster was administered, but it was too late. My husband’s heart had enlarged due to the clot. He was gone at 37 years old.

It was discovered that his pulmonary embolism stemmed from a blood clot in his leg (deep vein thrombosis). I always wonder if my husband had gone in the day before, would he have made it?

The experience has left me broken. My son will never know his dad from his memories. He will have to learn to love him through my memories. We miss him so much.

The advice I would give others is to know your family history. Also, recognize the signs of a blood clot. I would recommend getting a smartwatch that measures oxygen level and heart rate.


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